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Aaron joined 1stAve in 2007, changing the landscape of the company. His first effort, Audi Unboxed<\/a>, garnered our first Cannes Lion. His work for Google Speed Tests<\/a> brought 7 more into the pride. In 2015, Aaron was named first out of the \u201c30 Most Creative People in Advertising Under 30\u201d by Business Insider<\/a>. Aaron\u2019s experimental and collaborative efforts are always geared towards making a human connection, regardless of technique, as can be seen his Super Bowl spot, Google Parisian Love<\/a> and his viral music video for OK Go<\/a>.<\/p>", "aaron-duffy", false), new Director( "Anthony Dickenson", "

As a director and cinematographer, Anthony\u2019s surreal, emotive work plus raw visceral style allowed him to capture the natural world in \"I am Water\"<\/a> and \"Just Like Us\"<\/a> for WWF. Anthony's love of cinematography and innovative camera techniques gave him a keen eye for working with many brands including Chubb<\/a> and DIESEL<\/a>. \"Where Next\"<\/a> for Transpennine Express transports us through many settings and shows Anthony\u2019s ability to capture motion in a natural, cinematic, and interesting way.<\/p>", "anthony-dickenson", true), new Director( "Arvind Palep", "

Sixes Last<\/a> and the 1stAveMachine<\/a> promo film from director and co-founder Arvind Palep caught the industry\u2019s attention for his fresh approach. Arvind combines cinema v\u00e9rit\u00e9 with exquisitely designed and animated machines, both robotic and biological, like Ted<\/a>. The films garnered the attention of 180 Amsterdam, who commissioned his first commercial, Adidas Modular Man<\/a>. Arvind is currently creatively leading 1stAve\u2019s newly opened LA office, while working on his narrative projects, including his first feature film and the sci-fi short, ARVIND PALEP'S VISION FOR NYC 2050<\/a>.<\/p>", "arvind-palep", false), new Director( "Asif Mian", "

Asif\u2019s creativity is bold and unforgettable, from commercial work, to music videos, to sculptures, Castello<\/a> showcases Asif ability as a sculptor. Unbelievable to most that the magic was all in camera, we offer up the Castello BTS<\/a> as evidence. GILLETTE COPPER WIRE<\/a> is poignant for its sculptural use of design and the human form. Asif also has an uncanny ability to engage viewers with unconventional storytelling and clever slight of hand, creating physical magic for Ford CMax<\/a>. Choreography of camera, set and talent bring Moto Hint<\/a>, SONY<\/a>, SAMSUNG UNPACKING<\/a>, and CADILLAC<\/a> to life.<\/p>", "asif-mian", true), new Director( "Baz", "

Baz\u2019s work can be described as colorful and almost glitch-like in its aesthetic, embodying a generation raised on internet culture. He often blends fact and fiction, by casting non-actors and pushing narrative boundaries. This ultimately results in work distinctively marked: Baz. His feature horror film, Game of Death<\/a>, follows a gruesome tale of seven friends who discover a game that makes them face their own mortality. For slightly lighter fare, check out adidas Tubular<\/a> and Les Brumes<\/a>.<\/p>", "baz", false), new Director( "Ben Steiger Levine", "

Ben\u2019s films often border on bizarre and beautiful, through clever re-imagination of the human form. Ben\u2019s work for Sprite<\/a> was inspired by his music video, So Called<\/a>. Ben\u2019s work for Beast<\/a> was featured at the S&S New Director\u2019s Showcase, ADC Young Guns, and earned him a Grammy nomination. His recent work includes Kellogg\u2019s<\/a>, Fuze<\/a>, and his recent collaboration with Martin Allais for Samsung<\/a>, which won a Bronze Lion Award at Cannes 2015.<\/p>", "ben-steiger-levine", true), new Director( "Bob Partington", "

Bob\u2019s unconventional approach to invention, fine art, and engineering captured the hearts and minds of 1stAve from the very first meeting when Bob was the designer\/fabricator on Google Speed Tests<\/a>. His talent and childlike curiosity have even caused him to break a world record with World's Slowest Rube Goldberg<\/a>. Bob's unique thinking has produced some great projects for Stella<\/a>, Apple<\/a>, Samsung<\/a>, Xbox Halo Wars 2<\/a>, and OK Go's The writing's on the wall<\/a>.<\/p>", "bob-partington", false), new Director( "D.A.D.D.Y.", "

D.A.D.D.Y. aka Mike and Enda, are comedy gold as their Daily Million<\/a> and more eccentric Simple Mobile<\/a> films attest. More than funny guys, their cinematic and sensitive sides permeate their beautiful Christmas film for Spar<\/a> and their quirky Susan\u2019s Morning Win<\/a>. In fact, these renaissance men are also the published authors of the serious scientific tomes, 100 Facts about Sharks and 100 Facts about Pandas, available from Amazon.<\/p>", "daddy", true), new Director( "Dvein", "

Dvein is a two-headed animal \u2014 a collaborative duo that pushes the limits of live action and CGI storytelling. Directors Teo Guillem and Carlos Pardoa utilize their background in fine art and design to merge the physical with the digital, creating a seamless fusion that shines in their commercial work, including Jean Paul Gaultier\u2019s WELCOME TO THE FACTORY<\/a> and JEAN-PIERRE BRAGAZA<\/a> for River Island. Their music videos GHOSTS<\/a> and MAGMA<\/a> showcase how this ability manifests in the creation of vivid, fantastic environments. At the heart of their work lies an experimental core which continues to evolve and develop, and is evident in their independent short, WE WANDER<\/a>.<\/p>", "dvein", false), new Director( "Espadaysantacruz", "

Born in the halls of Universidad Complutense of Madrid in 2008, the Espadaysantacruz studio is the creation of Miguel Espada, Juan Santa-Cruz and Nerea Goikoetxea. They are a band of professionals with different backgrounds in the field of creative programming, visual arts, production design, filmmaking, and cultural management. Weaving visual, craft and technology into its often otherworldly, yet inviting storytelling efforts, Espadaysantacruz Studio\u2019s work has canvassed the creative spectrum, from its important, impactful, high-profile \u201cBLIND CAP<\/a>\u201d mobile for Samsung or Ford Max Motor Dreams<\/a> that earned them a Cannes Gold Lion in 2016 and 2017 respectively, to smaller, more personal projects like the interactive LIGHT KINETICS<\/a> installations.<\/p>", "espadaysantacruz", true), new Director( "Jonathan Gurvit", "

After more than 10 years as an award-winning Creative Director, Jonathan Gurvit decided to start a new career as a director. His first spot \u201cHAIR CONDITIONER\u201d<\/a> earned him a Bronze Lion at Cannes. Fearless wit and courageous curiosity combine to create the heart-warming ALPENLIEBE<\/a>, as well as the hilarious YUZU<\/a> and MTV<\/a>. A flair for drama and intensity underscore Toyota<\/a> and Renault<\/a>. The most asked question \u2014 How'd he do that? Technique agnostic, Jonathan's work is built on clever combinations of live action, photo-real CG, and art direction which can be seen in his HBO Spain Launch<\/a>.<\/p>", "jonathan-gurvit", false), new Director( "Karim Zariffa", "

Karim's love of design and art direction breathe life into his work, including his trippy film \"CHOOS-THE-MANGO<\/a>\" for Frooti, starring Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan. Working with multiple formats and technologies, his work showcases an understanding of in-camera magic, as seen in Google\u2019s ANDROID WEAR<\/a> and Android Wear 2.0<\/a>, and the humorous film \u201cTENNIS<\/a>\" for Koodo, both of which were co-directed with longtime collaborators Vall\u00e9e Duhamel. Karim\u2019s works have earned him recognition at the Gemini Awards and the ADC Young Guns. Outside of the studio, he also loves to experiment with bringing his graphic aesthetic to pieces shot on location, such as these witty pieces for VIDEOTRON<\/a>.<\/p>", "karim-zariffa", true), new Director( "Marc Reisbig", "

Never one to be confined to a single technique, Marc glides easily between stop-motion, CG, illustration and live-action; his dexterity on full display in films like Working with Animals<\/a> and Frooti<\/a>. A Norwegian by birth, Marc\u2019s Scandinavian design sensibility is a constant throughout his work, as seen in this charming stop-motion film for Oslo Airport<\/a>.<\/p>", "marc-reisbig", false), new Director( "Martin Allais", "

Martin Allais thrives on experimentation while maintaining a tradition in traditional cell animation. His work, like IBM BONES<\/a> and Oreo Wonderfilled<\/a>, push the boundaries of genre with bold, imaginative visuals and singular character design. In Facebook Love<\/a> demonstrates Martin's mastery of mix media animation. His recent collaboration with Ben Steiger Levine for Samsung<\/a> won a Bronze Lion Award at Cannes 2015.<\/p>", "martin-allais", true), new Director( "Mathery", "

Erika Zorzi and Matteo Sangalli comprise Mathery, an Italian design and directing duo that blends familiar objects with imaginative techniques and color, turning everyday life upside down. Their work explores original approaches to communication and expression through materials, a concept they illuminate in RAINBOW LACE<\/a> and FIBER AFFAIR<\/a>. Among their most renowned experiential pieces is the children\u2019s exhibition, PASTELLO\u2014DRAW ACT<\/a>, which re-imagines traditional drawing tools and processes. Mathery is now based in NYC, with their work appearing in publications such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Frame Magazine.<\/p>", "mathery", false), new Director( "Maxime Bruneel", "

Bruneel is a prolific filmmaker. Whether it\u2019s shooting a music video for a friend\u2019s band or holed up in a studio making stop-frame animation for a client, his drive to create new work is never-ending. The result is an impressive, inventive and diverse catalogue of work. Examples of this can be seen in his most recent films, including his mesmerizing mixed-media mash up for adidas Originals, \"Remember the Future,<\/a>\" featuring Kate Moss; his live action music video for French brand Mennen<\/a>; his slick kinetic film for Facebook<\/a>; and his now infamous promo for TT, Diplo and Swick, Dat A Freak<\/a>, which he painstakingly roto-scoped each frame to create.<\/p>", "maxime-bruneel", true), new Director( "Morgan Harary", "

Morgan's love for film began at a young age when he used his father\u2019s DV camera to create skateboarding videos - some of which may or may not have recorded over his sister\u2019s graduation. Since then, his natural ability for storytelling has only grown stronger with 12 years of experience in film, photography, art direction, and post-production. As a director, Morgan has won numerous FWA\u2019s and other awards including 2 Cannes Lions and One Show. His latest efforts at 1stAveMachine have resulted in the dreamy cinematic Sperry Southern Seas<\/a> and highly stylized worlds for IZZE<\/a> and Motorola<\/a>.<\/p>", "morgan-harary", false), new Director( "Nico Casavecchia", "

Nico captured a Gold Lion (and set a World Record in the process) with his atomic film for IBM<\/a>. Nico\u2019s style crosses genres and mediums. His film Buildings and Vampires<\/a> is a nod to Where the Wild Things Are. Nico collaborated with Roman and Tomi to bring to life the acclaimed Sonos<\/a> campaign. Recently, Nico teamed up with Lowe's to create a 360-VIDEO<\/a> showing how to build a teepee in one minute.<\/p>", "nico-casavecchia", true), new Director( "Nico Kasakoff", "

With an eye for a distinctly authentic, cinematic look, Nico showcases his knack for working with talent and bringing a sense of humanity to pieces like SIGNS<\/a> for Coca-Cola and MOVE YOUR BUTT<\/a> for Nike. His work encompasses a diverse range of genres, from quirky comedies for International Delight<\/a> to more emotive pieces such as FORD CURIOSITY<\/a>, and subtly weave in-camera tricks and CG with engaging performances, as seen in his work for STELLA ARTOIS<\/a>.<\/p>", "nico-kasakoff", false), new Director( "Roman Rütten", "

Roman\u2019s Vision Express<\/a>, US Open<\/a>, and Reminisce<\/a> showcase his unique visual style and approach, along with Brita<\/a> that demonstrates his mastery in working with liquids. Other work includes, \u201cThe Journey\u201d for Lincoln<\/a> and the acclaimed Sonos<\/a> campaign, a collaboration with Nico and Tomi.<\/p>", "roman-rutten", true), new Director( "Sophie Gateau", "

Since Sophie Gateau\u2019s transition to directing from the fashion industry, clients ranging from TED<\/a>, Moen<\/a>, Coke<\/a>, and GAP<\/a> have sought out her innovative visual approach and charming tone. Her training in Architecture, Graphic Design, and Film Direction have endowed her with a special perspective on space and volume. Innovation is key to Sophie's aesthetic, and she is constantly adapting to newer technologies in order to harness their creative capacities. Make sure to check out her work for Adidas<\/a>.<\/p>", "sophie-gateau", false), new Director( "Tim Brown", "

AICP Next award winner Tim Brown creates a light and beautiful mood for Izze<\/a> and Build It Beautiful<\/a>. His keen sense of design drives Lincoln Motor Company<\/a> and Bose<\/a>, while ETSY<\/a> exemplifies Tim's love of detail and craft. Combining a real zoetrope and 2D cell animation, Tim tells the tale of clean water for Stella Artois<\/a>. A desire to tell a different kind of story leads Tim to Tajikastan for his documentary, 2300 Miles to Work<\/a>, an intimate portrait of immigrant workers which was featured in the NY Times 2018 Op Doc Section.<\/p>", "tim-brown", true), new Director( "Tomi Dieguez", "

Diverse and fearless, Tomi conquers in camera live action tasks for MOTO E<\/a>, fabulous graphics for Be Like Mike for GATORADE<\/a>, incredible CG in Toyota CH+R<\/a>, and a unique sense of humor with Friendsky<\/a>. Tomi also directed the very popular web series Gluko and Lennon<\/a>, along with Little Big Awesome<\/a> which was recently purchased by Amazon. Tomi's most recent effort pairs him with RPA LA to show off HONDA PILOT<\/a> and 72&Sunny on Sonos<\/a>.<\/p>", "tomi-dieguez", false), new Director( "Tronco", "

Founded in 2014 by Tomi Dieguez, Antonio Balseiro, and Lautaro Brunatti, Tronco was conceived as an audiovisual factory with a focus on experimentation. A specialist in mixed media, their projects fuse a wide variety of techniques -- from traditional 2D animation to stop-motion, 3D, photoreal CG, and even puppetry. Buenos Aires-based, their work for clients such as GATORADE<\/a> and Sonos<\/a>, showcase their ability to seamlessly integrate various mediums, while their work for Solar City<\/a>, Nintendo<\/a> and PANERA BREAD<\/a> feature their unique spin on traditional techniques.<\/p>", "tronco", true), new Director( "Tucker Bliss", "

Sought after for his effortless ability to tell brand stories and engage audiences in a humanistic way, Tucker has showcased the emotion and humor in everyday life for clients such as Bumble<\/a>, Tsingtao<\/a>, Sperry<\/a>, and Vogue<\/a>. At every turn he aims to create honestly-playful worlds inspired by real experiences. His films such as Rat Rock<\/a>, Academy Sports<\/a> and Monster Factory<\/a> dance around the earnestness of adolescence with a little bit of innocence, exploration and captivating character transformations.<\/p>", "tucker-bliss", false), ]; function getDirectorById( id ) { return ko.utils.arrayFirst(model.directors, function(item) { return === id; }); } model.initialize = function(deeplink) { // If you need to preload anything additional do it here... // ...otherwise just set the percent loaded to 1 (100%) this.setPercentLoaded(1); }; model.scrollToDirector = function( uid ) { if( !uid ) return; var $t = $( "#"+ uid ), top = $t.offset().top, wh = $(window).height(), th = $t.height(); var scrollTo = top - ( (wh - th) / 2 ); $('html, body').animate({scrollTop: scrollTo},'fast'); } model.onDeeplink = function(deeplink) { model.scrollToDirector(deeplink[0]); } view.rendered.add( function(){ // Do any transitioning in you want to do... }); view.ended.add( function() { // Do any transitioning out you want to do... then call view.complete(); }); });